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Does this sound like you?

"I am exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed and don’t know where to begin to feel better."

"I don’t feel like myself and unable to think clearly."

"I have stomach issues, low energy, and frankly, just feel like crap."

"I feel bloated and don’t know what to eat anymore."

"I feel confused about what diet I should follow."

"I am tired of going to the doctors and hearing that all is ok and it is all in my head."

"I’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune conditions and been told that there is nothing I can do about it."

"I have a chronic disease and I want to feel better and have a better outcome."

"My doctor just put me on a treatment plan that includes dietary and lifestyle changes and I have no clue where to start."

"I know what I need to do to be healthier, I just can’t seem to do it."

"I want to do the right things now to prevent illness in the future for me and my family."


I will work with you using the principles of Functional Medicine and positive psychology coaching techniques to help you address the root causes of your persistent symptoms to support your health and to keep you in tip top shape moving forward.

Let's change it.

It is always the hardest to take the first step and you have already done it! I have been there. I know how it feels. I support women like you to become the authors of their own health and help them unlock their own path to healing and thriving in life. I believe that when we are healthier, we are happier, because when we feel better, we live a more fulfilled life.


Hi, I am Sveta

. . . and I am so glad you are here!

"I worked with Sveta for several sessions. As I have aged, I’ve found that my anxiety has been affecting the quality of my life. Sveta was friendly, kind and compassionate. She is a wonderful listener and I felt very comfortable working with her. As a result, I was able to be completely open and honest. She encouraged me to meditate and practice deep breathing. I’ve found these practices highly beneficial, and have improved the quality of my life."
- Sorena, Canada

Client Love

"I reached out to Sveta because I've been struggling with my professional future for the past few years. When I started the process I was skeptical and unsure coaching sessions would be helpful, but within a few sessions Sveta helped me find a meaningful path I am excited about perusing. Sveta is an amazing coach, she is easy to talk to, intuitive and caring but also knows to set boundaries and push when you’re stuck or idling. I feel that the person Sveta is and the connection we had was a big part of the quick resolution of my career dilemma."
- Liza, Canada

Client Love

“I highly recommend working with Sveta! She helped me establish realistic, attainable goals, to improve my day to day life, well being and better health in an integral way. She is truly professional, knowledgeable, empathetic, and a great listener. Sveta helped me organize my day schedule to prioritize what is important to me. She helped me realize that by taking care of my needs, changing lifestyle habits ( mainly sleep, diet and exercise) I would be able to live life in a healthier, more energized and motivated way. I am grateful to have worked with Sveta. The strategies and goals I set with her have improved my life in many ways .”
- Paty, Mexico

Client Love

“ I have loved connecting with Sveta. She is so patient, compassionate, genuine and honest. She spent several months coaching me through a rough period and I am grateful for her direction and empathetic support. I feel like she’s become a friend and I always look forward to seeing her again.  
Thank you, Sveta!”
- Sheila, USA

Client Love

"I started the Elimination Diet and Sveta was my Health Coach. It was my first time having someone by my side, supporting me with knowledge and empathy. It felt reassuring knowing that I was not alone. I had someone to talk about whatever was going on. Sveta has a positive mind which enables me to look at the brighter side of everything, making things lighter and focused at the same time." 
- Fernanda, Ireland

Client Love

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